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European Network for Composite Reinforcement
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The University of Sheffield

The team is part of the Centre for Cement and Concrete (CCC) of the University of Sheffield, an interdisciplinary centre with over 70 academics and researchers and the largest centre of its kind in the UK. Currently, there are 4 academics, 5 experienced researchers and 4 PhD students working in the field.
The Sheffield team were amongst the first to research non-ferrous reinforcement for concrete. They were partners in the EUREKA project Eurocrete. The 5.6m Euro, 4-year project was successfully completed in 1998 and led to the development of the first European FRP bar for concrete and the first design guidelines in Europe. The team (6 ER and 5 PhD students) undertook all the structural testing and analysis and was involved in the design of innovative products incorporating FRP reinforcement.
Following the Eurocrete project the Sheffield team was awarded a further €1.3m grant to establish the Confibrecrete research network. This TMR network had 10 partners in 8 countries 5 of the participants in this proposal. The network collaborated closely with Task Groups 9.3 and 4.5 (Bond Models) of the fib with the objective of developing design guidelines. The Sheffield team lead TGs in both networks and has already organised international seminars in Sintra (Portugal), in Bologna and in Budapest for the dissemination of work in the field. The Sheffield team is also co-ordinating the first International Round Robin Tests on FRP reinforcement, with 19 international participants. As part of the GROWTH programme of the European Commission’s FP5, Sheffield is the research provider to the co-operative research project (CRAFT) Curved NFR for the development of curved non-ferrous reinforcement for reinforced concrete applications.
Internationally, the team is participating in committees organised by the EU strategic thematic network E-CORE and International Research on Advanced Composites in Construction (IRACC). They have given invited presentations in Europe, Japan, North America and the Middle East, from where they receive numerous research visitors and participate in the organisation of many major international conferences. They are also active at the national level, with involvement in all the networks in the field (EPSRC, NGCC and IStructE). As such the team provides and attractive training environment for young and experienced researchers. 3 Marie Curie Fellows are currently part of the research group on composites.

Contact details
Professor Kypros Pilakoutas
The University of Sheffield
Centre for Cement and Concrete, Department of Civil and Structural Engineering
Sir Frederick Mappin Building
Mappin Street
S1 3JD
United Kingdom

web-site: http://www.shef.ac.uk/civil