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University of Naples Federico II

The team belongs to the Department of Structural Analysis and Design (DAPS) at University of Naples Federico II. The Department is composed by 8 Full Professor, 8 Associate Professors, 8 Researchers (equivalent to Assistant Professors in the American system). Within such institution, 8 PhD students and 10 graduate students under contract carry out work related to research projects and activities in partnership with industries and public institutions. The expertise of the DAPS covers the analysis and the design of reinforced (RC) and prestressed concrete (PC) structures, the assessment of existing infrastructure and historical heritage, the design of the strengthening of RC, PC and masonry structures using advanced materials, the serviceability and ultimate behaviour of concrete structures internally reinforced with Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) bars.
Within the framework of the activities above mentioned, the members of DAPS involved in the present proposal have been particularly involved in research activities related to composite materials. Since about ten years, the research team has dealt with issues that are crucial in the implementation of FRP in construction such as: 1) serviceability behaviour of FRP-reinforced beams; 2) bond relationship between concrete and FRP bars; 3) flexural strengthening of RC beams; 4) anchorage length of FRP sheets externally bonded to concrete; 5) buckling of FRP profiles; 6) seismic strengthening of RC and masonry structures; 7) effectiveness of the FRP confinement of RC rectangular columns; 8) strengthening of PC damaged beams using FRP laminates. Such activity in the field of composites for construction is reflected by many conference and journal papers published in national and international papers and by the involvement of team members in fib Task Groups 9.3 and 7.1. At the beginning of the new century, the Naples team had the leadership in the organization of the International Workshop on “Composites in Construction: a Reality” held in Capri on July 2001. That was the occasion for sharing and discussing with a selected number of international colleagues the unresolved issues and the research needs and try to set an agenda for the research of the next decade. Since 1997, the Naples team has been represented first by prof. Edoardo Cosenza and currently by prof. Gaetano Manfredi in the International Advisory Board of the ASCE Journal of Composites in Construction. The Naples team plays also a crucial role in the activities of the National Center of Excellence on Structural Composites for Innovative Construction (SCIC), directed by prof. Edoardo Cosenza. SCIC was lately awarded by the National government and it is the only one on the topic in Italy; it can count on a multidisciplinary effort between the DAPS, Department of Electrical Engineering and Department of Materials and Production Engineering.

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Professor Gaetano Manfredi
University of Naples Federico II
Department of Structural Analysis and Design
Via Claudio, 21




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