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European Network for Composite Reinforcement
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Luleå University of Technology

The Luleå University of Technology is the only university of technology with a broad scope in its education and research. We conduct research in the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Arts and Science. We provide education in the spheres of engineering, the social sciences, the humanities, teaching, the health science, music, media education, and drama. We have about 11 300 students and a staff of 1400.The Civil and Mining Engineering department consists of 7 divisions and a large and well equipped laboratory. We are for the moment approximately 80 persons working with research and education. The Division of Structural Engineering is focused on effective and efficient design, production and maintenance of structures for a sustainable society. During the last 10 years a more and more focus has been placed on advanced materials for the use in civil engineering. Here considerably research has been undertaken in the field of strengthening existing structures with FRPs. A research group was established in this field 1996 and this group consist today of two professors, 6 PhD students and currently 5 Master Students. Much of the research work is carried out in the field of Structural Health Monitoring, where a system to monitor existing structures has been developed and several existing structures are today monitored by this system in Sweden. The research group has published more than 50 conference and journal papers during the last four years. Also a design guideline regarding strengthening of existing structures with FRPs has been published. The research is in close contact with the industry and cost effective strengthening methods has been developed in liaison with industry. Furthermore, the research group has collaboration with universities abroad; a research exchange program has been formed with both University of California - San Diego and EMPA in Switzerland. Discussions regarding collaboration are currently taken part regarding the University of Sherbrooke in Canada. An umbrella organization has been established in the field of FRPs for construction, the Nordic Network for Composites in Construction, and under this umbrella a Scandinavian seminar is planned for the use of composite in construction in summer of 2004. In addition close collaborations is also taken part with Polymer Composite organizations in Sweden, for example SICOMP - The Swedish Institute for Composites. The research is founded both by government, private and the EU. Today interesting research are carried out in the field of pre-stressing NSMR rods, strengthening of holes, shear strengthening of concrete structures, strengthening of steel-structures, design guidelines and fibre optics for structural health monitoring.

Contact details
Professor Bjorn Taljsten
Lulea University of Technology
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Division of Structural Engineering
e-mail: bjorn.taljsten@ce.luth.se
web-site: http://www.ltu.se