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European Network for Composite Reinforcement
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University of Latvia, Institute of Polymer Mechanics

Institute of Polymer Mechanics is the leading institute in mechanics of composite materials in Eastern Europe and previously in the Soviet Union. The Institute has long experience in the utilisation of composites in the aerospace/defence industry and at present the Institute is trying to apply its expertise to develop composites for infrastructure applications (reinforcing and strengthening of concrete structures).
The Institute has up-to-date three channels MTS test rig for testing of composites in complex stress state and 5000 kN facilities for testing of strengthened concrete members.
The Institute has participated in the "ConFibreCrete" project and an INCO partner and contributed to the characterisation of composites and their interaction with concrete structures.
The Institute has extensive experience in the international collaboration. (5th framework project ConFibreCrete), current research project with Swedish industry about instability of FRP columns strengthened by carbon sheets, collaboration in composite fatigue with Virginia State university US, Pohang university, Korea etc). The institute publishes the journal of Mechanics of Composite materials and organised many international conferences in the field.
The Institute has strong links with the University of Latvia in Riga where the lead scientist is a Professor. As the result the team has considerable expertise in training of both early stage and experienced researchers.
The lead scientist is a senior distinguished academic of the Soviet Union and received amongst many other awards the USSR State Science Prize in 1985. He is a fellow of Academia Europae, a Full Member of the Latvian Academy of Sciences since 1992. He is the editor of several books and is on the scientific committees of several journals and conferences. He coordinated numerous contracts with USSR industry in composite materials, fracture mechanics, fatigue, theoretical and experimental.

Contact details
Professor Vitauts Tamuzs
Institute of Polymer Mechanics
Aizkraukles 23
LV 1006
e-mail: tamuzs@pmi.lv
web-site: http://www.pmi.lv