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European Network for Composite Reinforcement
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Technical University “Gheorghe Asachi” Iasi

The Technical University of Iasi (UTI) is the second largest School of Engineering and Applied Science in Romania and one of the leading research Universities in the country, with about 13000 students and over 1200 academics and research staff. The Composites in Construction Research Group (CCRG), one of the most active research groups in the university, which was established in 1968 is one of the first research teams of this kind in Eastern Europe. Currently the composite research group consists of academic and research staff from three different departments: Civil Engineering, Structural Mechanics and Building Materials and Reinforced Concrete. 5 professors, 7 academic staff, 6 PhD researchers and 3 MSc students are currently involved and work is carried out in the fields of: Micromechanics and Macromechanics of Fibre Reinforced Polymer Composites, Joining of Polymeric Composites Elements, Strengthening of Reinforced Concrete Beams and Concrete Columns Using Polymeric Composites, Optimisation of Composite Structures.
The group has organised two national conferences on the use of composites in construction and have contributed with papers in several International conferences. Currently the research team is involved in projects funded by the Romanian Government: 34/301 (2001), “Modern composite systems for structural rehabilitation of engineering structures” 38/275 (2000), “Modelling of damage of composite materials laminated structures” and 30/200 (1999), “Joining of structural members made of polymeric composites. Grants 30 (1999) and 34 (2001, 2002) lead to development of design guideline drafts. The research effort for projects undertaken in the last five years is estimated at 220 person-months. The members of the research group have published more than 240 papers in journals, international and national conferences and symposia, 3 specialized books on composites, and three chapters in a book on strengthening of civil engineering structures with advanced polymeric composites. Since its establishment the research group has also carried out 235 research projects, has written 2 design guidelines, obtained 14 patents, designed and supervised the manufacturing of 17 full scale demonstrative composite structures. Currently CCRG is taking part to the following EU funded projects: “Development of Curved Non-Ferrous Reinforcement for Reinforced Concrete Applications” (CURVED NFR), “Innovative Strengthening Techniques for RC Structures with Advanced Composites” and “Guidelines for Prestressing Advanced Composites in Strengthening Reinforced Concrete Columns”.

Contact details
Professor Nicolae Taranu
Technical University “Gheorghe Asachi” Iasi
Faculty of Civil Engineering
B-dul Mangeron, 43
e-mail: taranu@ce.tuiasi.ro
web-site: http://tuiasi.ro