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European Network for Composite Reinforcement
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Universiteit Gent, Magnel Laboratory for Concrete Research

At the Magnel Laboratory, research experience and know-how in the field of continuous fibre reinforcing materials for reinforced and prestressed concrete and for externally bonded reinforcement has been built up over the last 15 years. In this field, several initiatives were undertaken resulting in fib (International federation for structural concrete) Task Group 9.3 “FRP reinforcement”, participation in the development of design guidelines (fib TG 9.3, ACI 440, CUR C97B, BUtgB ‘Externally bonded reinforcement’), national and European research programmes (such as BRITE-EURAM project “Fibre composite elements and techniques as non-metallic reinforcement of concrete”, TMR Netwerk “ConFibreCrete”), training and education (such as Socrates/Erasmus Intensive Programme on FRP reinforcement), conference papers and articles, international contacts and networking, organization of the Second International Symposium on Non-Metallic (FRP) Reinforcement for Concrete Structures in 1995, etc. Work has been undertaken, together with a Belgian company, on the development of a so-called “second generation of CFRP laminates”, which allows advanced use of FRP EBR with mechanical anchorage. Experimental work on mechanical anchorages of FRP EBR has been also carried out in collaboration with the university of Naples and university of Sannio.
As may be clear from the above, through the performed work many international contacts were established and there exist strong research and some education links with the other teams in the proposed Marie Curie network. This co-operation (complementarity) will strengthen the impact of the training actions.
Within the project, the described know-how and expertise will be used for the training of the researchers. This will be done in relation with running research projects and existing programmes for doctoral studies. Beside the key scientific staff, the technical staff and the extensive research infrastructure will be available for this project. The key staff will be responsible in the mentoring of the researchers. Following the procedures at Ghent University this is typically performed by means of an individual (doctoral) supervision commission for each researcher, guiding the training and transfer of knowledge programme.

Contact details
Professor Stijn Matthys
Universiteit Gent
Department of Structural Engineering, Magnel Laboratory for Concrete Research
Technologiepark-Zwijnaarde 904
Gent (Zwijnaarde)
e-mail: Stijn.Matthys@UGent.be
we-site: http://www.UGent.be