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European Network for Composite Reinforcement
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Eurocrete Ltd

Eurocrete Ltd is an UK SME formed in 1996 to market and sell products and technology resulting from the European collaborative research project entitled, ‘The Development of Non-Ferrous Reinforcement for Concrete Structures’. The company strategy is to develop and grow the market for durable concrete products by providing non-ferrous reinforcement to the construction industry. This is achieved by supplying the following speciality services:

• Licence the new developments to existing users of Eurocrete technology
• Supply of raw materials (fibres and resins) to manufacturing licensees
• Designing specialist lightweight precast concrete structures
• Marketing and technology dissemination

Eurocrete has a presence in the European construction industry that belies its size. It is already highly active through the current range of straight rebar products, and has just completed work with over 30 blue-chip construction companies in writing 8 good practice guides on overcoming durability issues in concrete.
Eurocrete was involved in the ConFibreCrete network and is currently co-ordinating the co-operative research project (CRAFT) CURVED NFR for the development of curved non-ferrous reinforcement for reinforced concrete applications, funded under the GROWTH programme of the European Commission’s FP5.
The scientist in charge has delivered many training courses for the industry and participates in the NGCC - Network Group for Composites in Construction in the UK. He also leads the DTI project Polymer Composites as Construction Materials.

Contact details
Dr. Peter Sheard
Eurocrete Ltd
Church House
Pointon Fen
NG34 0LF
United Kingdom
e-mail: eurocrete.trend@cwcom.net