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European Network for Composite Reinforcement
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ACCIONA Infraestructuras S.A.

ACCIONA Infraestructuras S.A. is the resulting company from the merger on April 28,1997 of two large Spanish construction companies: Entrecanales y Távora S.A. and Cubiertas y MZOV S.A. The steady growth of the merged companies made ACCIONA one of the leading companies in the construction sector in Spain, adding an outstanding presence in the international field, with achievements today in over 30 countries. The activities of ACCIONA extended to all areas and specialised fields in construction, both in project engineering and in works execution. In the civil works area ACCIONA has executed thousand of works in all areas of specialisation: industrial, services, maintenance, rehabilitation, and housing. ACCIONA has a structured Quality System, in accordance with to the criteria of the ISO 9001 Standards, which takes a specific form according to the Quality Plan of each work. On the other hand, ACCIONA has implemented an Environmental Management System in accordance to the ISO 14001 Standard, holding the corresponding company registration with AENOR. The R&D Department was established in 1991 and its purpose is to achieve a competitive advantage for ACCIONA through know-how and the development of new technologies in the field of construction methods and materials, as well as setting these up within the organization.
ACCIONA’s R&D Department currently has 21 employees, of which 12 have higher degrees. It also has the collaboration of 400 Engineers and Architects in the Areas of Production, Engineering and Design. Internationally ACCIONA has been or it is involved in numerous EU funded projects of which the following are related to the EN-CORE RTN: SAFEFLOOR - Low Risk and totally recyclable structural buildings 2001-2003; SGIM – Development of a two new measurement and inspection methods to improve the quality and maintainability of large concrete structures 2002-2005; CON REP NET - A Thematic Network on Performance Based Rehabilitation of Reinforced Concrete Structures; COMREHAB EUROCARE EU140–“Rehabilitation and protection of historical-artistic buildings with low interference fibre LTM composites” .1998-2001. At the national level the most significant projects relating to the network are: “Reinforcement of buildings with composite materials” and “Life cycle analysis in rehabilitation of buildings” For developing these projects, besides the means available at the  ACCIONA Central Offices in Madrid, there are facilities lent by certified laboratories which belong to ACCIONA: IBERINSA - AEPO. ACCIONA also has laboratories on site for its production line.

Contact details
Mr. Juan Manuel Mieres Royo
ACCIONA Entrecanales Cubiertas S.A.
R&D Department
Avda. de Europa, 18
P. Empresarial La Moraleja
Alcobendas (Madrid)
e-mail: jmieres@acciona.es
web-site: http://www.acciona.es