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iRRT - International Round Robin Tests

A series of International Round Robin Tests on FRP reinforcement have been performed within the framework of the European funded Training Netwroks ConFibreCrete (1997-2002) and En-Core (2005-2008).

The aims of such an extensive exercise are to:

  • Assist the various international committees working the field of standardization to assess the merits of simple tests for material characterization and assessment of structural performance.
  • Enable comparisons of results between different laboratories and assess the reliability of a test setup-up and methodology.

The first of these international efforts investigated the bond behaviour of FRP rebars embedded in concrete and a series of pull-out and splitting (eccentric pull-out) tests were performed.
The second iRRT focused on the bond behaviour of FRP strenghtening solutions for concrete structures and a series of tests on both externally bonded (EBR) and near surface mounted (NSM) strenghtening systems was carried out.
Details of these iRRTs are given below along with the initial recommendations on test methodology, test set-up, monitoring, collection and processing of data.

iRRT ConFibreCrete (2000)

The general organization of this first iRRT was undertaken by the "ConFibreCrete" research network (1997) working together with fib TG 9.3 (International Federation for Structural Concrete) and ISIS Canada (Intelligent Sensing for Innovative Structures).

Technical Specifications for Pullout and Splitting Tests of FRP rebars.

iRRT En-Core (2008)

The second iRRT was conducted to assess the performance and reliability of small scale testing on externally bonded and near surface mounted FRP strengthening systems. This extensive international exercise was initiated within the framework of the European funded Marie Curie Research Training Network, EN-CORE, and completed with the support of Task Group 9.3 of the International Federation for Structural Concrete (fib).

The overall test programme comprised four test series:

  1. tensile tests on FRP bars and strips
  2. tensile tests on FRP laminates
  3. bond tests on externally bonded (EBR) laminates
  4. bond tests on near surface mounted (NSM) bars and strips

Technical Specifications for Tensile Tests and Bond Tests of FRP bars, strips and laminates for the strenghtening of concrete structures.